The discussion happening in Alberta is part of a broader conversation on the future of provincial and local policing in communities across Canada. These webinars provide a unique opportunity for subject matter experts from various backgrounds in public safety, policing, and national security to discuss policing.

These webinars are available for Albertans to engage in the various conversations and commentary regarding the best model for the future of policing and public safety delivery in Alberta.
The Future of AB Policing webinar series include the development of four significant topics on policing and public safety in Canada:
The National Perspective
Toward an Alberta Police
Service, the PwC Model
Why Police Governance
& Civilian Oversight Matters
An Opportunity for Evolution
in Alberta's Policing
Important Dates
past webinar
August 22, 2022 |
9:30 AM MST
The National Perspective:
The RCMP contract policing model has been in place for about 100 years. All across Canada, jurisdictions are re-considering this approach.

Speakers will provide perspective on the future of RCMP contract policing in Canada.
Richard Fadden, OC
Wally Oppal, Q.C.
Garry Clement, CAMS, CFE, CFCS, FIS, CCI

10:30 AM MST
September 21, 2022 |
10:30 AM MST
Toward an Alberta Police Service, the PwC Model:
Since the arrival of the North West Mounted Police in 1874, policing in Alberta has been continuously evolving. From the creation and evolution of independent municipal police, the previous Alberta provincial police, or the successes of First Nations police services, policing in Alberta has not remained static.

Speakers will discuss the recent evolution of policing and law enforcement in Alberta to include the Alberta Sheriffs, the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams, and the unique features of the Alberta Police Service model developed by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).  
Hon. Harvey Cenaiko, ECA
PAST webinar
October 3, 2022 |
9:30 AM MST
Why Police Governance & Civilian Oversight Matters:
Effective police governance and civilian oversight is the foundation of an accountable and transparent police service within Canada's democratic society.  

Speakers will discuss the importance of local police governance and civilian oversight in the wider context of community policing.
Professor Kent Roach, C.M, LL.M
Ryan Teschner
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Past webinar

October 5, 2022 |
9:30 AM MST
An Opportunity for Evolution in Alberta's Policing:
In the wake of high-profile events in both Canada and the United States, police reform has taken on an added urgency as jurisdictions seek to modernize their police services to meet citizen expectations. 

Speakers will discuss the importance of a modern, professional police service that emphasizes partnerships to address social challenges, expanding police training to emphasize a police services' shared role in resolving social challenges, prioritizing diversity in recruitment to ensure that a police service resembles the community they serve, and the need for police service to implement needed reforms.
Professor Christian Leuprecht, Hon. B.A.,D.É.A.,M.A.,M.A.,Ph.D.
Professor Kanika Samuels-Wortley, PhD
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The future of
provincial policing

Imagine a future where you and others have the right police services and resources at the right place and time, anywhere in Alberta.